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        When it comes to deciding which agent to choose to manage your property, there are some important questions to ask. 

The first question most investors will ask an agent is ' HOW MUCH ' ?

How much do you charge and how much will I get??

Lets face it, any agent can get you a tenant, but that can be where your problems start. Do you want just any tenant, or someone who will take care of your investment and help offset your mortgage, paying rent on time?

The questions you need to ask your agent are;

1: Is your commission rate an all inclusive rate, or are there other charges on top

2: How many properties do you manage and how many staff take care of them

3: How long has your Property Manager been working in Real Estate

4: How often will you be inspecting my property

5: Can I attend the property inspections with you

6: Do you consult with me about potential tenants

By asking these questions you will be more likely to find a Property Manager who actually manages your property, not someone who just collects rent for you.

At Harrington Park Real Estate we offer an ' All Inclusive ' rate, with no surprises and believe that all of our clients should be treated as one of our family and not just as a number.

So if you're looking for a proactive, experienced team to look after your investment for the future, call us anytime on 46473999 and our team will be delighted to help.